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Jimmy Hughes

James "Jimmy" Hughes Jr. is the husband of Christine Hughes (Liza Snyder) and a security guard for a motion picture studio where Greg works. Jimmy has had many jobs over the years including pizza delivery, pet shop clerk, and handing out fliers for restaurants. He and Christina have two sons, Dominic and Logan Hughes. He attended Frostburg State University. Jimmy is a big fan of the Washington Redskins. He was a cast member of the reality show "Big Brother" but was disqualified when his brother-in-law, Greg, interfered. Jimmy is portrayed by actor Mike O'Malley.


Christine Hughes - Wife

Dominic Hughes - Son

Logan Hughes - Son

Kitty - Mother

Kim  Warner - Sister in Law

Sam Warner- Nephew

Emily Warner - Niece

Greg Warner - brother in law

"Big" Jimmy Hughes - Father